Protection Planning

we can advise you on all forms of insurance cover, and help you to choose the optimal level of cover for your needs. We make that sure our clients get the insurances they need to safeguard themselves and their loved ones finances adequately. Because we believe it’s such an important financial issue, we include protection planning in every initial financial review we undertake.

Life-time Mortgages

Could the money tied up in your property be working harder for you elsewhere? We can investigate all the options with you and then suggest the best alternatives to suit your needs, including possibly re-mortgaging at a very competitive rate of interest.

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

we’ll make sure your hard-earned wealth goes where you want it to – rather than being swallowed up by unnecessary taxation. Acting early on our advice has saved many of our clients a large fortune – literally. For example we recently saved over £200,000 of Inheritance Tax for our client’s beneficiaries.