Investment Management

As you know, the wealth picture tends to brighten when our investments climb, but darken when they fall.

Investing can be a difficult business: how do you manage your assets most effectively, and choose the right investments in today’s volatile markets? Well, at Mayfayre Financial Services we can help you put all the pieces of your investment puzzle together in a way that suits your own ambitions and circumstances. Our aim is always to provide you with the very best advice and range of options to enable you to achieve your investment goals.

We believe it’s important for you to clearly understand how investments can work differently, depending on whether you’re looking to create either longer-term capital growth or regular income. A very common danger is for investors to become too subjective and emotionally attached to their investments, when objectivity would allow them to make more rational and sensible investment decisions. We can provide our clients with just this sort of objective viewpoint: offering clients an alternative, more objective view of their investment options, in order to help them make wiser decisions. We make it our business to examine the many, many investment vehicles currently available, so that we are always in a position to be able to recommend the very best ones that will suit our clients’ particular needs. If you choose to become one of our clients, we will also provide you with regular investment reports and updates using our own ‘in-house’ reports system.

We also ensure that every client understands how their assets have been allocated (sometimes without much planning) to different types of investment vehicle, and what the particular characteristics of each client’s ‘mix’ of investments are. As a matter of policy, Mayfayre makes sure that we undertake this ‘high level’ analysis before offering you any more specific investment advice, so that your overall investment approach is optimally adjusted to suit your future plans and needs. All our subsequent investment recommendations will be based on this initial analysis. We also always provide you with clear and comprehensive reasons as to why we recommend a particular investment or strategy, so that you’ll always be always fully involved and ‘up to speed’ in your own investment strategy and portfolio decisions. Having agreed your overall investment strategy, we can then go on to handle your tactical investments as suits you best.

Another area of investment planning that Mayfayre takes very seriously is managing a client’s wealth and investments in the most tax-efficient way possible. We make sure we stay up to date with all current financial and fiscal legislation so that you can benefit financially, or at least limit the financial ‘downside’ of any new legislation, wherever possible. In order to achieve optimal tax efficiencies, we also try to work as closely as we can with a client’s existing accountants and solicitors. Alternatively, we can often help a client to find or select an effective accountant or solicitor through our handpicked network of local professionals. We would particularly recommend that you appoint such a professional, if you don’t already have one, if any investment strategy we recommend for you might involve the setting up of a Trust of some kind.

Our task is to keep abreast of changes in the investment markets and in the relevant regulations concerning taxes and legal issues. Together we decide the strategy while our task is to implement the tactical plan.

Just call us on 0800 840 7143 and we’ll be delighted to let you know how we can help you to develop or expand your own effective investment strategy.