Life-time Mortgages

Could ‘Life-time Mortgages’ be a good way for you to gain access to the value currently tied up in your property portfolio? And, if so, which type of Life-time Mortgages scheme might best suit you?

Mayfayre’s Life-time Mortgages expertise can help you address questions like these. With the steady rise in value of property in much of the U.K, many people now hold an out-of-balance asset portfolio, often strongly biased towards property and away from other types of investment vehicle.

In certain circumstances, it may be advantageous to use part of the equity tied up in your property to offset poor performance by some of your other investments. More and more providers are now providing this sort of service and we can advise you on the best available schemes that offer this type of option.

Just as the mortgage market blossomed with a myriad of schemes only to confuse customers as to what is most suitable, the same can be happening, all be it to a lesser degree, in the Life-time Mortgages market. At Mayfayre Financial Services we’ll guide you through the different types of products, draw your attention to any hidden costs or troublesome ‘small print’, and help you to decide whether Life-time Mortgages is an appropriate solution for your particular situation. Then we’ll use our normal, high-quality approach to find and shortlist the best schemes so that you can choose the one that best seems to meet your needs.

Just call us on 0800 840 7143 and we’ll be delighted to discuss how Life-time Mortgages products might be able to help you achieve your domestic, financial or business goals.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Reversionary schemes