Retirement Planning

“Putting the all the right retirement pieces in place.

Many of us work hard to produce corporate or business financial plans for other people or for our own businesses, but then never take the small amount of time needed to produce a personal retirement or pension plan. Of course, not all of us will have the opportunity to take early retirement, but we can still take time to plan for a prosperous, enjoyable and active retirement, doing the things we enjoy. It’s important, we believe therefore, that your retirement plans are started as early as possible and benefit from clear thinking and the best up-to-the-minute advice.

That’s where we come in.

We understand that an effective retirement plan needs to focus, first and foremost, on what sort of lifestyle (and therefore income) you’ll need in retirement. Your plan will also need to include a clear savings and investment strategy to provide you with enough capital to give you the regular retirement income you’ll need for the quality of life you want to enjoy during your retirement.

Company directors and the self-employed are two groups of people that can often be financially vulnerable at retirement, but with Mayfayre’s methodical approach to pension and retirement planning they can be helped to make up for any shortfall in pension provision by starting or expanding some very effective and tax-efficient pension schemes.

For example, an interesting pension option we can tell you about at the moment is the self-investing pension plan. This type of self administered schemes allows you to make larger pension contributions while, at the same time, giving you much greater control over the portfolio of investments that underpins your pension plan.

If you choose Mayfayre Financial Services to help you devise an appropriate retirement and pension strategy, we will help you to identify the right plan to help you achieve your retirement goals, then put the necessary investment plan into effect, and continuously monitor its performance on your behalf so that you end up with the level of income in retirement that you need.

Just call us on 0800 840 7143 and we’ll be delighted to let you know how we can start moving you towards the retirement income you want